Historic District Update


We are updating our historic district to include development between 1934 and 1964. This project will be accomplished in coordination with the Department of Historic Resources (DHR) and Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc.

Benefits include the following:

- Increased federal and state tax credit availability to spur investment in rehabbing historic homes and buildings (e.g. Ashland Theater).

- Improved accounting of Ashland’s post-WWII build-out, civil rights, and massive resistance era history.

- Corrected errors in the original nomination.

- Preservation and protection of Ashland’s small town character.

This update would NOT add regulations to prohibit property owners (e.g. painting their house a certain color) or install an architecture review board.

Click here for the package of materials that explain the update process and map of the existing district. 


Contact Senior Planner, Garet Prior, at gprior@ashlandva.gov or (804) 798-1073.