Ashland Gift Certificates

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Ashland Gift Certificates are available for purchase at Town Hall. Cash and checks accepted. Town Hall is open from 7:30 am - 6:00 PM Monday - Thursday. ALL funds go into the Gift Certificate holding account, the town does not make money off of this program or charge any fees to participating businesses. (Cash or Check only)

We thank you for buying a LOCAL gift certificate and supporting our Ashland businesses. For any questions, please call 804-798-1073.

Participating Businesses

Businesses, Interested in Participating?

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How it Works:
1. The gift certificate is actually printed on a check.
2. When a customer presents their voucher, you simply accept it just like cash.
3. Give the customer change if they do not use the full amount.
4. Deposit the check with your nightly deposits!

There are NO fees, NO commissions. This is a completely free program offered through a partnership with the Town of Ashland and Market Ashland Partnership. Any Ashland business may participate. Businesses outside of town boundaries may participate through a membership with Market Ashland Partnership.

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