Fireman statue requirements page In order to graduate from the Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy, a participant will be expected to attend regularly and be actively involved in our community. Community involvement may include, but is not limited to, the following types of activities:

  • Volunteer service to the Town or local nonprofits
  • Ride along with the Ashland Police Department or Public Works
  • Election or appointment to a town council, board or commission
  • Attendance at town council and planning commission meetings
  • Donation of time, resources and/or expertise toward a community project
  • Mentoring, tutoring or coaching a youth program

Participants will have an opportunity to create and report on a plan for their time in the Academy. More details will be provided in the orientation session of the Academy. Questions or comments prior to or during the Academy may be may be directed to Matt Reynal at or (804) 798-9219.