Caring for your lawn and garden

Spraying one’s lawn and garden with chemicals on a regular basis used to be the most popular option if you wanted things to look their best, but now we know the harm such chemicals can do to the ecosystem. Nowadays there is a wealth of natural products and techniques at our fingertips to maximize the beauty of our property while preserving (and even enhancing) the health of our environment. Here are just a few links that you may find helpful:

A Virginian’s Year-Round Guide to Yard Care – Tips and techniques for healthy lawns and gardens

Home Composting – CVWMAs webpage with links to information on composting and how to purchase a home composting bin at a reduced rate through their partnership with Covered Bridge Organic

Turf and Garden Tips Podcast – The Virginia Cooperative Extension's webpage with helpful podcast episodes on caring for lawns and gardens in an environmentally friendly way

Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat – when you practice lawn and garden care that minimizes or eliminates chemicals, you are apt to see more wildlife. Take it to the next level and learn how you can make your property a Certified Wildlife Habitat. No yard is too small to make a difference!