Trolley Line Trail

workers installing Trolley Line Trail boardwalk

More than 80 years after a trolley between Richmond and Ashland stopped running (1938), the Town of Ashland began construction on the “Trolley Line Trail”. This will be the first phase of an off-road, alternate route for bicycles and pedestrians between Richmond and Ashland. The project consists of a boardwalk and asphalt trail. Construction began in the Spring of 2019. This project will be part of the East Coast Greenway and the Fall Line. To see the Ashland Trolley Line Trail project as it relates to the rest of the potential future project between Ashland and Richmond, check out the Trolley Line Trail Study Area.

Project Updates:

view of the Trolley Line Trail boardwalk

7/15/2021 - The Ashland Trolley Line Trail, Phase I, was completed, forming the northernmost section of the Fall Line Trail. Disruptions to supply chains due to COVID-19 led to a later completion date. We hope to keep the momentum going as other localities plan and construct the remaining sections of the Fall Line Trail. Stretching from Ashland to Petersburg, the Fall Line Trail connects seven jurisdictions, and crosses three rivers (Chickahominy, James, and Appomattox). Information for the Fall Line Trail is available here.

7/27/2020 - Construction of the Trolley Line Trail is underway! The beams for the boardwalk are being installed, which will then be followed by tread installation and handrail installation. The boardwalk will still be in construction for a few more months but should open this fall. The section that is under construction is closed to the public. We ask that pedestrians and bicyclists avoid the area, including the roadway, until further notice. Please check back to this page for further updates about the trail.

6/18/2020 - Construction is now active again. Pedestrian traffic for the trail will be disrupted for the time being. Please contact Clancy Addington in Public Works if you have any questions.

1/31/2020 - We are wrapping up the work behind the scenes and should begin construction activity in February 2020. Please contact Tom Dickerson in Public Works if you have questions.

12/13/2019 - Although the project seems to have stalled, it has not. Much work is going on behind the scenes. Right before we started installing the boardwalk, we discovered that the deck of the boardwalk should be raised for better drainage and better stability of the adjacent road. We had to run some calculations, revise the plans and get some approvals. You should see construction activity early in 2020.