2/28/23: Community members asked about the possible installation of sidewalks along Jamestown Road.

The Town Manager and Public Works Director shared that this was a topic of conversation in 2011 as well, and that Town Council had gone so far as to budget to construct sidewalks.  As part of planning for that project the Town surveyed members of the community about whether they wanted sidewalks in their community and whether they would be willing to donate/work with the Town to provide the necessary right of way (ROW) to construct the sidewalk.  Due to the historic development of Jamestown Road there is insufficient ROW to build a five foot sidewalk which would necessitate working with the neighbors.   Based on survey results and a perceived lack of willingness of neighbors to work with the Town to provide ROW the sidewalk project was abandoned at that time.  Town staff indicated they would welcome the opportunity to budget and construct a sidewalk in the neighborhood, but it would require a very significant amount of cooperation by the neighborhood to address the ROW issue.

Follow Up: Jamestown Road is still not on the sidewalk priority list based on history.  If residents would like to get a sidewalk on the list Town staff request that a group of neighborhood citizens agree to work with the Town on location, need, and siting of a future sidewalk.  Please reach out to Martha Miller at mmiller@ashlandva.gov if you would like to volunteer.  

Beyond a sidewalk the Town’s contractor will widen Jamestown to the greatest extent possible while paving.  Unfortunately, due to limited right of way this will likely only gain an additional six inches.  

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